Fluorescent microspheres

Triton Technology has manufactured and sold the Dye-Trak
® 'F' fluorescent microspheres world-wide of over two decades. 

Fluorescent microspheres are a sensitive non-radioactive method of measuring regional blood flow by dye extraction.  After recovery of the microspheres from the harvested tissue samples, the dye is extracted and quantified by fluorescence spectrophotometry.  Fluorescent microspheres have been well documented in the literature.  

Use the four Triton Technology Dye-Trak
® 'F' colors plus two Molecular Probes FluoSphere® colors (Red and Crimson) to measure 6 colors with no need to do mathematical spill-over correction.  This is the most cost effective combination of fluorescent colors.  Best combination of six fluorescent colors.

The Triton Technology Dye-Trak
®'F' fluorescent microspheres were validated by the University of Washington Fluorescent Microsphere Resource Center (FMRC).     Dye-Trak® 'F' validation on FMRC website.          

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Fluorescent Microsphere Resource Center (FMRC)

Fluorescent Microspheres Users Manual (FMRC)

Dye-Trak®'F' microspheres and FluoSpheres® are manufactured under Triton Technology US patents 5,253,649, 5,230,343, and foreign.

Dye-Trak is a registered trademark of Triton Technology Inc.
FluoSpheres is a trademark of Molecular Probes Inc.