Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below a couple of Frequently Asked Questions, along with answers. If you have some questions about our products or services, please don't hesitate to email us:

1) Which Non-radioactive microsphere technique is best for me?

The answer depends on how many labels your experiment requires, and what equipment and personnel resources you have available.    All our colored and fluorescent non-radioactive microspheres require that the user learn to digest tissue, recover the microspheres and analyze the dye extracted from the microspheres.   To do this accurately requires practice prior to beginning experiments.  We can guide the new user through a series of steps that will insure the user is proficient in the processing steps prior to beginning experiments..

  The Dye-Trak method is best suited for up to 5 labels, while Dye-Trak VII+ has up to 7 labels available.  Both of these families utilize a normal laboratory UV-visible spectrophotometer for blood flow analysis.  Free Microsoft Excel software macros are available for computing volume blood flow in tissue samples, with or without a process control colors.  Contact Triton for more information.

Dye-Trak 'F' fluorescent microspheres are available in four colors, plus a Process Control color.  Fluorescent microspheres require a fluorescence spectrophotometer for analysis. The four Dye-Trak 'F' colors can be combined with two of the Molecular Probes FluoSphere colors (below) to form a pallet of 6 colors with so little spill-over between colors, that no mathematical spill-over correction is required.  The Dye-Trak 'F' microspheres are a vary economical solution for fluorescent microsphere blood flow measurement.

The BioPAL neutron activated microspheres which are non-radioactive when used.  The microspheres are made temporarily radioactive for analysis.    The BioPAL neutron activated microspheres were patented by W Scott Kemper of Triton Technology and Christopher Rheinhardt of BioPal (US 6,328,700).   Contact Triton Technology for more information.

2) Can I freeze my tissue samples before processing them?

The short answer is no. If you are using spheres that are analyzed using a dye-extraction method (Dye-Trak or FluoSpheres), you risk the spheres cracking and the possibility of dyes leaching. 

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