for regional
   blood flow


Triton Technology's Dye-TrakŪ 'F’ fluorescent microspheres and Dye-TrakŪ colored microspheres have been used to measure regional organ blood flow in animal research models for over two decades.  This has produced hundreds of peer-reviewed publications in a wide range of research fields.

The Dye-Trak microsphere family is based on Triton Technology’s dye-elution patents.  Fluorescent and colored microspheres have been utilized in many hundreds of peer- reviewed publications over a wide range of research fields.   

(Dye-Trak microsphere patents US 5,230,343,    5,253,649,   German 4019025) 

(Note: These products are intended for animal research only, not for use on human subjects)

Triton Technology Dye-TrakŪ 'F' 
fluorescent microspheres

The high-quality less expensive alternative !

Dye-Trak 'F' fluorescent microspheres are the FMRC- validated, less expensive alternative to FluoSpheres for regional blood flow measurement. 

Dye-Trak 'F'
fluorescent microspheres sell for about half the price of Molecular Probes FluoSpheres, but have been shown to be the functional equivalent. 

Dye-Trak 'F' Validation information can be reviewed at the University of Washington Fluorescent Microsphere Resource Center (FMRC) website.

Economically measure 6 fluorescent colors without the need  for mathematical spill-over correction.

Triton Technology Dye-TrakŪ 
colored microspheres

Dye-Trak colored microspheres have been a standard for regional blood flow measurement for over 20 years.  They are available in two families: the original 5-color Dye-Trak family and as the newer Dye-Trak VII+  7-color family.  

Colored microspheres utilize the standard UV-visible laboratory model spectrophotometer for analysis. 

There have been hundreds of peer reviewed publications utilizing colored microspheres during the last twenty years.  

Free Microsoft Excel volume blood flow spreadsheet macros
  for Dye-TrakŪ  and Dye-TrakŪ VII+
colored microspheres are available to automatically upload spectrophotometer absorbance data and perform volume blood flow calculations.  Automatic matrix inversion spill-over correction is built-in.  There is an option to use Process Control to increase the accuracy of the blood flow analysis.


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