Dye-Trak® Colored Microspheres

Dye-Trak® is a proven  non-radioactive method of measuring regional blood flow in experimental
 preparations. Polystyrene microspheres of highly uniform diameter are precision dyed with one of several
 possible colors. Using an injection of Dye-Trak® spheres into a perfusion line or the left atrium, regional
 blood flow can be determined. The spheres are recovered from tissue and blood samples by digestion and
 subsequent micro-filtration. The dyes are then recovered from the spheres within a known volume of a solvent
 and their concentrations determined by spectrophotometry.   A free Excel macro is available to compute volume blood
 flow from the spectrophotometer readings and the tissue weights.

The original Dye-Trak® is a family of 5-color microspheres colors that have become a standard for non-radioactive
 measurement of regional blood flow in research animals.  These are precision 15um polystyrene latex microspheres
with a very accurately controlled size.

Dye-Trak® VII+ is a newer set of seven absorbance colors that are now available in addition the the original
 Dye-Trak family.  The newer Dye-Trak® VII+ colors have  absorbance peaks that are narrower and sharper, with
 higher absorbance (typically 1.5AU/5000 in 100ul solvent).  We recommend that new users and present users
 beginning an new round of experiments use the Dye-Trak VII+ colors.  There is a recommended color
for the new colors that will yield the minimum overlap between colors for a given number of colors
 used.  This same color progression is used in the free Excel matrix  inversion macro which we supply.

Dye-Trak® Microsphere brochure

 The Dye-Trak®  Dye-Trak 'F' and FluoSpheres microspheres blood flow technique is described by Triton's US Patents 5,230,343 and 5,253,649, and German Patent 40 19 025.


Free Blood Flow Quantification Software

A free Dye-Trak® volume blood flow analysis software macros Microsoft Excel are designed for ease of use and
accurate determination of volume blood flow for each tissue sample.  The software can be used to automatically download the spectrophotometer readings, saving time and minimizing the chance of a data entry error..  This user friendly macro uses matrix inversion processing to correct the spectrophotometer readings for known spectral overlap (spill-over) between colors and converts the corrected spectrophotometer data and tissue weight information into blood flow output data.  

The macro is available in several forms for various numbers of  experimental colors used.  For most accurate results, the macros should be used with a specific set of colors   The recommend colors for a given number of experimental colors is given in the following link:  
color pallet sequence  .Note: The colors within a set can be injected in any order.  

The Excel macros is available in two forms:  with a Process Control color and without Process Control. We strongly recommend the use of a Process Control to maximize the accuracy of the blood flow analysis.
 The matrix inversion Excel macro can be downloaded at the following link:  Triton Excel blood flow macros.

Dye-Trak® User's Manual 

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